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A trusted authority on digital currency investing, Grayscale provides secure access and diversified exposure to the digital currency asset class.

How do I create a personal account?

To register, you will need: a valid email address and a strong generated password.

How can I purchase a package on your platform?

Payment can be made using any valid BTC wallet. At the moment we accept only the BTC payment. In the future, the number of payment methods will increase. Thanks for understanding.

When to expect the package activation?

After paying the full cost of the package, you can find your order in your personal account, in the "My Orders" section with the "Pending" status. On our platform, packages are activated automatically within 24 hours after payment. Once your package is activated, the status will change to "Completed".

I have not received a referral bonus, what should I do?

Make sure to meet all the conditions of the referral program. You and your referral have purchased packages, and the packages provided to you are activated and in operation.

How to withdraw funds received?

Log in to your personal account. Find the Payments section. Enter your email address and the amount you would like to withdraw. Please be careful when specifying your email address. After requesting a withdrawal, please wait for the status of your payment change to "Completed".

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