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About us

Stake Club has been growing rapidly from day one and gaining momentum among existing staking platforms. We currently provide services to clients in over 120 countries. We provide our clients with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, as well as security and privacy, a wide range of packages, instant payouts, and lastly, friendly support.

Effortless staking investing

Instant transactions with minimal fees

Low fees and instant transactions make Stake Club the preferred stacking platform over the competition.

Payment in public currency

Our service provides everyone with the opportunity to easily use the service by paying for the package in public currency.

No expensive equipment needed

Staking eliminates the need for continual high-value equipment purchases and energy consumption.

Why choose us?

Stake Club offers a reliable staking platform suitable for both beginners and professional investors. With a huge number of packages, we choose an individual approach to each investor. Your safety and privacy comes first for us. We have studied and loved the crypto world and staking to the smallest detail. So, our goal is to inspire our users to do the same.

We are pleased to offer all our clients such modern services and professional package conditions.

Start investing

Three Steps to Start Staking

Create your account

First of all, you need to go through a simple registration. Having your office, you can make purchases, track your profits and withdrawal at any time convenient for you.

Choose the package

Each package has it own amount and duration. ​After choosing a package and paying the full price, thanks to your cough, your package will be activated automatically.

Enjoy your passive income

As soon as you have paid the full cost of the package, the issued package will appear in your account. Receive your profit every day, including weekends.

Start making profit right now